Nutan Sharma, the founder & writer of The Blotted Emotions, is a native of Ghaziabad, currently inhabiting in the corporate city of Haryana. She is an MBA, B.Tech graduate, working as a Freelance Content Writer from the last couple of years. 

Being an introvert, she always found it strenuous to give voice to her thoughts and gradually, embraced the pen and paper as her best friends. With time, her trivial heart effusions on the pages of her undisclosed diaries started taking the mien of poetry and quotations.

Disinclined to witness her oeuvres succumbing to suffocation inside the sheaths of her concealed notebooks, she knocked around several broadcasting doorways with a hope of landing at that perfect platform to which she could trustfully handover her beloved write-ups for publicizing. While some asked for an unjustifiably huge part of royalty, others demanded the sole ownership of the compositions. 

This disappointed and disheartened rover then drew her hunt to a close and decided of designing her own publishing site - The Blotted Emotions. The Blotted Emotions not only aims of providing a blazoning stage to her scrawls but also to those who wish to liberate their thoughts from the fetters of their scribbled pages.