Besotted with reading but don't have ample time to put in a chunky novel?
Books are your travel companions but carrying those hefty hardbacks turns arduous?
Seeking some short-reads to accompany your evening snacks or to beguile your presleep twist-and-turn bouts?
Looking for quotations that would exquisitely empathize with your situation?
Hankering for enchanting your special someone with some love-dipped rhymes?
Roving in search of a truthful stage for putting out your beloved writings?
Wishing to fall asleep flicking through a tendering tale but wearied enough to read?

No worries! You have landed in the right place!

The Blotted Emotions is a read-write platform that tosses out all your tired-enough-to-read, no-platform-to-publish like hiccups.


Whoop up your snack & pre-snooze time with these short stories and blogs. Articulate your emotions with these realistic quotes and poetry.


Don't mislay your scrawls in the old pages of some random diaries. Write here and make them reach the world.


Time to laze. Close your eyes and let your soul glide in the music of these heart-touching audios.

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